What is The Crypt?

What is The Crypt?

Never heard of us?  That’s totally okay!  The Crypt is a cryptocurrency blog that teaches people about what cryptocurrency is, why it is important, and how to acquire it.  

There are three major sections of our blog: Basics, Investing, and Bitcoin.

The Basics:

This section explains what cryptocurrency is, why choose cryptocurrency to invest or earn with, and how to get started.  We will also talk about overcoming common obstacles related to cryptocurrency.


The investing section will explain what investing is, why invest, as well as traditional and modern investing methods.  We put this section second because we want you to understand cryptocurrency so then when you read about investing, you already have an idea of what you want to invest in.


This last section is specifically about Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency as well as a popular investment vehicle.  You will learn what bitcoin is, why it is important, how much bitcoin is worth, and how to earn bitcoin. Two methods are mining and trading.  

The easiest way to get started navigating our blog is to start with the basics.  If you are familiar with cryptocurrency you can jump down into the Bitcoin section.  


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