What is Investing?

What is Investing?

We have all heard of investing in 401ks, retirement plans, and stocks.  What does investing really mean, though?  When we think of investing, most of us think of money.  This is normal thought process.  We should also think about how we invest our time and effort because these things are equally important.  When you go to work, you are investing your time for a profit.  Most of the time, your profit may not be what you expect. 

We have been taught to go to school, get a degree, and get a job with a respectable company.  This is society’s version of a well-rounded citizen.  There is nothing wrong with this except that most of us will never be able to save enough for retirement or even to save for things we want.  20 years ago, this method of living was perfectly acceptable, however now in our day and age, people need two or even three jobs just to hold down rent, food, mortgage, and bills. 

So, what are we to do? 

This is where cryptocurrency comes in.  Since this is a new form of finance, growing, and saving currency, we have a great chance to build a financial future for retirement.  If your goal is to become wealthy, this is definitely doable with cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin rose from $300 to around it’s current price of over 10k.  If you were to invest in 1 coin at the initial price, you would become very wealthy. 

Our website will help you learn how to invest correctly with cryptocurrency as well as building a safe and viable vehicle for wealth.  Either we trade our time for money or vice versa.  Personally, I rather invest my money in a safe and viable platform such as cryptocurrency and spend my time with people I love and doing things I enjoy.  Who wouldn’t want that?


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