About the Author

Levi is an entrepreneur, passionate about technology, investing, and writing.  He previously published a few books, designed many websites and blogs, and got into the cryptocurrency realm a few years ago.  Since then, he has created The Crypt, a new blog to help people understand what cryptocurrency is and how it is changing our society for the better.

His passion for investing began at the ripe age of 14 when his uncle showed him how to day trade.  Even though the concept was difficult to understand at first, he kept researching and experimenting with all different types of investments.  

Levi’s second inspiration for investing came from reading a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiosaki.  After reading this book, he became determined to learn everything he could about creating a life that was financially free.  

When Levi first found out about Bitcoin, he was enthralled and intrigued by how a computer could solve problems and the person could receive a reward.  HE followed the coin closely over the next few years and as everyone knows, Bitcoin became one of the fastest growing and most popular forms of cryptocurrency today.  

Fast forward to 2019; Levi had a lot of fallbacks; one of them becoming homeless for a week.  It was a sad time in his life and he needed to figure out something to get his life back on track.  Despite the dismal outlook of his situation, he got back on his feet, bought a car, secured an apartment and a full time job.  

During his time of being homeless, he had a few hard truths that ran across his mind; truths he was thankful for.  He had an amazing girlfriend that stuck by his side regardless of his situation and she showed him how to love himself, despite his flaws.  This was one of his most important lessons.  

“When you seem to be in a dark place with society barreling down on you, people judging you, and your own inner demons fighting for dominance, I remembered that I could get through anything if I had the willpower.” 

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.  These are words that my girlfriend said to me a few months back and it really changed my outlook on life.  I could’ve given up when I was homeless, but I didn’t. I remembered what I was passionate about, what gave me happiness.  Part of that happiness is helping others any way I can.  

This is why I created this blog, The Crypt.  I am truly passionate about cryptocurrency, I think it is an amazing technology that everyone should have the chance to dive into.  Life isn’t about just working all the time and then having nothing to show for it when your 65 years old. I believe financial peace can be found with cryptocurrency and I am here to help you with that journey.  


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